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Mark Newton

I've played all the God of War games. What stands out for me is the bit where you mercilessly slaughter thousands upon thousands of dudes and mythical creatures. Never was there a quick-time event where you must collapse to your knees and cry. I mean, you're the God of frickin' War! It's with this in mind that we're slightly confused by the new trailer for next video game installment, God of War: Ascension. Check it out below:

(via BadAssDigest)

Why are we even telling you about a video game trailer? Well, it might just give us some hints at what the upcoming God of War movie could look like. There's certainly no prize for guessing what movie influenced the trailer. The whole thing looks like a deleted scene from Gladiator. Making a movie adaptation of a game like God of War was always going to be special effects heavy, but if its anything like this trailer, I may wanna pass.

What's your take?


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