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(WARNING: The following contains potential SPOILERS for Fox's upcoming Logan — albeit largely speculative ones. Proceed with whatever level of caution your heightened sense of spoiler-avoidance suggests is wise, though, all the same.)

Now, there's long been a lot to love about the official Instagram feed for #Fox's upcoming #Logan, what with it having spent much of the past few weeks inundating us all with subtle, teasing reveals of small details from the upcoming movie and all. Who doesn't love catching charmingly black and white glimpses of, say, the villainous Donald Pierce's cyborg arm, for instance? It's very much the stuff that (#XMen-obsessed) childhood dreams are made of.

One recent image, though, seemed to raise a chilling — and potentially deadly — possibility. And so we're forced to ask:

Does This New Logan Image Reveal Professor X's Fate?

After all, that sure does seem to be the side of a car, newly laced with bullet holes — Which, of course, doesn't tell us all that much about the film, in and of itself.

Take another look at the Logan trailer, though, and it seems that there might just be a pretty huge reveal hiding just underneath the surface.

Notice that car that Logan is driving an elderly #ProfessorX around in?

Y'know, this one:


Now, of course, many of us already suspected that was going to be the case — especially with the image above — which, considering the rather large mass of bullet holes aimed towards the back seat, may well imply that Professor X isn't going to make it out of the movie alive.


Now, of course, many of us already suspected that was going to be the case — especially considering the rather prominent funeral scene in the trailer — but it seems that such suspicions may not have some more substantial evidence to support them.

Or, alternatively, that Instagram post is just a shot of a car that someone else entirely drives during the course of the movie, and all of this Professor X speculation is just that: speculation. Either way, though, Logan can't get here soon enough. The wait for its March 3 release date to roll around might yet be a long and painful one.

Still want more on Logan, and its hidden secrets? Never fear, we've got you covered right here.

In the meantime, what do you think? Do we now know Professor X's ultimate fate in the movie? Let us know below!