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The wait is almost over for the continuation of our favorite hit-man-turned-family-man-turned-hit-man's story with .

The sequel is expected to open the doors for limitless possibilities for the franchise and , but let's not forget that John's ambitious new journey began with a simple tale of pain, as the horrible murder of Daisy - the dog his wife gifted him before she died - pushed him over the edge and prompted him to remind the criminal underworld why he was known as The Boogeyman.

But YouTube channel RocketJump has just given us a completely different side of the story with their new trailer for... wait for it... Dog Wick. In this new iteration, the roles are reversed and Daisy is the one getting revenge for her (or his?) murdered human. It's a mixture of fantastic, awesome and bonkers, so take a look:

That just gave a new meaning to the phrase "throwing someone a bone," didn't it?The trailer makes an interesting point: At the end of the day, the dog will technically never get in trouble for dealing out his revenge, as, you know, he's a dog... unless you count the government taking notice of a fighting, gun-expert canine, but that's another story.

Credit: RocketJump
Credit: RocketJump

I don't know about you, but I want to see this get made into a film right now. 's canine counterpart already proved itself a badass, and going by the trailer, it can definitely carry its own movie. Could you imagine Daisy finding a new human at the end of the story?

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Well, we'll have to wait to see what this trailer leads to, but while we do that, don't forget to check out John Wick 2, which hits theaters on February 10, 2017.


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