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While many of the characters of Shadowhunters have been making strides in Season 2, for poor Jace Wayland the road has been a little harder. After starting off the season pursuing Valentine, before ending up being held in the City of Bones, it was a long time before we even saw Jace back in the Clave, and even then that was a short lived occurrence.

After Aldertree confirmed that he was trying to force Jace leave the Clave, Jace seemed to lose all motivation and enthusiasm for being a Shadowhunter, and instead invested that energy into trying to get the ladies. Thankfully he seemed to snap back into action a little more in Episode 8, but what else can we expect from Jace in Season 2? Movie Pilot spoke to Dominic Sherwood to find out about Jace's season to date and what we can expect coming up.

Clary and Jace [Credit: Freeform]
Clary and Jace [Credit: Freeform]

Speaking about Jace's season to date, Sherwood was quick to explain how Jace was feeling following the whole Valentine and City of Bones ordeal, and what his expectation were from this place he considers home and from the people he considers family, versus what actually happened. Sherwood admits:

"Yeah it's not so good for Jace right now. No it's not going so well for poor Jace, he's been through so much over the last month or so, and within our world... Really he's been this hero throughout the story, sacrificing pretty much everything he has including the risk of his own life, or his own happiness of his relationship with his best friend and the love of his life. He sacrificed all of that for the greater good to make sure Valentine didn't get away, to save those people that he cares about, to save their lives. He sacrificed everything and during that process was beaten and tortured and broken by both emotional and physical standard... I think he was kind of expecting to come back and not necessarily be welcomed as a hero but definitely have a Shadowhunters welcome back to the fold and unfortunately he didn't get that... He's given up on being a Shadowhunter..."

But no matter whether or not Jace had given up, as Shadowhunter fans know, after last episode Jace has one major weak spot, and Sherwood acknowledges that Jace was "brought back into the fold by the one thing that he cares about more than anything else," that "one thing" of course being Clary.

[Credit: Freeform]
[Credit: Freeform]

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So after all that has happened, what lies ahead for Jace in future episodes? Will things get easier or will Jace continue to have the worst time ever? Well, Sherwood was pretty much straight to the point. "All I can say is I just read through Episode 14 - it doesn't get better for Jace, it gets worse first. It's a rough season for Jace." Ouch. Sorry Jace fans!

And speaking of future episodes, Dom advises fans that an upcoming episode is his favorite of the season, despite the fact it might be hard to watch. He says:

"Episode 10 is pretty great, it's not an easy episode, it's pretty dark but there's a lot that happens and a lot that goes on. There's a lot that all of these characters they go through and develop, and they come out of the other side having kind of dirtied their little fluffy white tail through the rabbit hole, but it's a hell of an episode."

[Credit: Freeform]
[Credit: Freeform]

But Jace's bad luck aside, Sherwood also divulged some sweet behind-the-scenes information, including the fact that of all the cast he considers Matthew Daddario — who plays Jace's brother and Parabatai, Alec Lightwood — his real-life Parabatai. Aw! Sherwood says:

"It would be Matt because we spent so much time together and I trust him 100% with everything, if I have issues he's the person I go to. We were together all day this morning in the stunt room and we were together all last night talking and discussing certain things both personal and professional, anything that we're struggling with we really do rely on each other to kind of talk and help each other out in any way we can."

Sherwood also promised that his on-set prank nemesis, Kat McNamara (who plays Clary) has "some vengeance on her way," promising a few pranks that "she's probably not going to thoroughly enjoy." Yes! We can't to see what he has planned. It's nice to hear that even if Jace doesn't have the best time in Shadowhunters, Dom Sherwood has a great time filming it!

Shadowhunters returns to Freeform with Episode 9 on February 27.


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