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Don Cheadle’s career has been stellar to say the least, with roles in acclaimed films such as Crash, Traffic, Boogie Nights, Hamburger Hill, and Hotel Rwanda. Comic book fans know him best from his portrayal of James “Rhodey” Rhodes in the MCU. He was one of the first black superheroes in the MCU, and his poignant performance in Captain America: Civil War brought gravity and consequence to the film.

Check out Don Cheadle as War Machine in this clip from Captain America: Civil War:

Outside of his acting, is an outspoken objector to the Presidency, and has never been shy about speaking his mind. He routinely combats Trump supporters on Twitter, and often shares his concerns and opinions about several different topics. During one of these conversations on Twitter, Cheadle revealed that Trump said something truly shocking to someone he knows.

Don Cheadle Claims Trump Once Used The N-Word In A Conversation With His Friend's Father

House of Lies [Credit: Showtime]
House of Lies [Credit: Showtime]

In a conversation on Twitter, someone asked Cheadle when he started “hating” Donald Trump. Cheadle’s response was not only shocking, but it is also a huge accusation that should not be taken lightly. The following was allegedly said during a golf tournament that Trump and Cheadle’s friend’s father were both participating in:

The Aftermath Of Cheadle's Statement

Iron Man 3 [Credit: Marvel Studios]
Iron Man 3 [Credit: Marvel Studios]

Don Cheadle's accusation did not go unchallenged, and people on Twitter began to question where exactly Cheadle obtained this information – in order to ascertain its validity or disprove it. Cheadle gives a better explanation of how the situation unfolded:

A Twitter user then asked the question we are all wondering: why didn't he come forward with this story during the election? Cheadle responds in a round-about way, but more or less says that it wouldn’t have made a difference. He has a point, because pussy-grab-gate and the video of Trump openly mocking a handicapped man had very little effect on the election results:

Cheadle continues to engage fellow Twitter followers, and responds to one person who was shocked (maybe sarcastically) that a public figure like Donald Trump would dare say something so offensive. Cheadle responds by listing a bevy of other traits Trump has been accused of having – all of which are not too flattering:

The Final Flurry Of Tweets Explaining The Situation

Iron Man 3 [Credit: Marvel Studios]
Iron Man 3 [Credit: Marvel Studios]

Cheadle spent the next few hours answering the same type of questions repeatedly – all of which were questioning Cheadle’s friend’s father never came forward, and some even accusing Cheadle of lying. One of Cheadle’s friends stepped up and said that he is honest to a fault, and defended him against the “fake news” naysayers.

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After defending himself and his statement for hours, Cheadle decided to rapidly dispense several different tweets that better explain the circumstances surrounding why this person who was involved with the incident never came forward. He explains that things aren’t so simple, and sometimes speaking up is harder than it seems:

Cheadle’s accusation is not extremely surprising, given Trump's outspoken nature — but if it is true, it is completely unacceptable. At this point, Cheadle’s claim is unfounded, and no real “proof” has been presented; however, given how Cheadle describes the events, it seems like it was never to be used to politically skewer Trump, but just his friend's father's personal story.

As with most things when it comes to Trump, those that oppose him will run with it, and those who support him will claim that it is all lies. One thing is certain, any type of language that marginalizes any group of people in any way is unacceptable, and is an action that should not be taken lightly.

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