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is one of those actors who I sometimes forget exists. Well, either that or I get him confused with . Sure, he's been in a lot of films, but very few of them stick out in my mind. From the sound of it, his upcoming appearance in 's Grand Budapest Hotel also seems like it might pass me by unnoticed.

Law recently joined up with the guys at Indiewire to give the lowdown on Anderson's Ernst Lubtisch and Billy Wilder inspired flick. In regard to his role, he revealed:

I have a tiny role in it. Tiny tiny. I've just done it. It was five days of work.

Despite his small involvement, Law was glad he got to work with a directing great like Anderson, explaining, "it was really, really wonderful to be on one of his projects."

The production of Budapest Hotel has been coated in some secrecy, but Law did reveal a tidbit about the structure of the movie. In particular, he explained the movie was spread across at least two time periods. Law said, "it’s mostly set in the '30s, and my segment’s set in the '60s."

Unfortunately the secret regarding the details of casting is still tightly kept, with Law merely stating, "it's [Wes'] usual team." But, what we do know about Anderson's ensemble cast is sure to get anyone excited. So far The Grand Budapest Hotel is expected to star , , , , , , , , , , , and . Phew. With a cast like that I think there's definitely a star for everyone's tastes.

The Grand Budapest Hotel is due to open sometime in 2013, but you can grab a larger slice of Jude Law in 's Side Effects, which opens on February 8th.

Are you a bit disappointed to hear Jude Law won't be taking on a bigger role in The Grand Budapest Hotel, or simply too excited about the film to let it bother you?


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