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Gotham star, Donal Logue took to Twitter last week to raise awareness about the disappearance of his daughter, Jade. According to the message, the teenager went missing in New York. A week later, Logue has taken to Twitter and Facebook once more to make another appeal in the hopes of finding his daughter.

This time, the star went into more detail about the action being taken to locate his missing child and pleaded with his followers to notify the authorities if they knew anything about Jade's whereabouts. Using one of his favorite photos of Jade, the former Sons of Anarchy actor told social media users that he has "dogged teams from the NYPD, FBI and other" all involved in the investigation. Read the full message below:

'Gotham' Co-Stars Show Support

Since the world was notified of Jade's disappearance last week, there has been a deluge of online support for the Gotham actor from both fans and celebrities. Logue's House co-star Olivia Wilde, and Legends Of Tomorrow actor Matt Letscher posted supportive messages, while Sons Of Anarchy creator, Kurt Sutter retweeted Logue's original tweet. Now, Logue's Gotham co-stars have taken to Twitter to show support. Check out the messages below:

Logue first notified us of Jade's disappearance last week through Twitter. The now-deleted tweet informed social media users that his daughter hadn't been seen since Monday, June 29th near Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Logue went on to say that Jade was wearing "lime green hoodie dark green military parka" the last time she had been seen.

If you live in the New York City area and know anything about Jade's whereabouts, please inform the police.

We wish Logue the best of luck in his search and hope that Jade will return home, safe and sound. Leave your messages of support in the comment section below.


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