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Although the anthology films are flying the Falcon at 12 parsecs into a Kessel Run of high expectations, we STILL don't have a name for the upcoming solo film. Luckily, sneaky set pictures and an all-star cast are giving us "new hope" for another blockbuster installment in the George Lucasverse.

will be herding nerfs as the titular Han, but we also know that his BFF will be along for the ride. Originally played by in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, Lando has has (so far) failed to return in Disney's ongoing "main series" of Star Wars films. However, 33-year-old will be picking-up the role in Han Solo and presumably explore the early days of Han and Lando's bromance.

The Glovers Are Off

There is no denying that Lando is the ULTIMATE dude — I mean, come on, he owns a Cloud City — so his role in Han Solo is almost as exciting as Luke Skywalker opening his mouth for the first time in 30 years. After a rocky start in the series, the mustachioed wheeler-dealer returned to save the day in Return of the Jedi, and apart from wearing Han's clothes (yeah, that's weird), he became influential in the toppling of the Empire.

The pressure is certainly on for Glover, but at least he seems to be taking the role seriously. Both he and Billy Dee Williams were spotted sharing lunch and swapping acting tips, and it sounds like Williams really is as cool as he seems. After brushing up on his Landoisms, Glover spoke to Deadline to reveal that his entry into Star Wars has been his favorite role to date:

"This is probably one of my favorite experiences ever. For working under, like, a huge conglomerate, it’s actually been quite an enjoyable, artistic thing. I get to play him in a way that I think is honest and true and cool. And it’s great ’cause I didn’t have to write anything, I’m focused strictly on being this guy. And I really respect him and I respect the actor who played him before."

Handling With Kid Glovers

There was never any assumption that Glover wouldn't handle the character with the respect he deserves, and unlike Jar Jar Binks, Lando is definitely a fan favorite of the franchise, but why? Glover has his own theory on what makes the man from Cloud City so popular:

"Lando seems to be a lot of people’s favorite character. It’s cool. It’s a lot of pressure, but it’s also very exciting. He was my favorite character too. I grew up on Star Wars. It’s just cool to see him again. I feel like people like him ’cause he has a lot of style, but also he’s a complicated character in this world."

As for playing the iconic part, don't just expect Glover to be doing his best Lando impression and rehashing the Williams era. It seems there is much more to the character than double-crossing your friends and playing second fiddle to the titular smuggler:

"I think even Han isn’t as complicated as Lando is. From the first time you meet him, you don’t know whether to trust him or not, and you’re constantly not knowing whether to trust him. I like that about him."

Glover will saddle up alongside the likes of , , and when Han Solo hits cinemas on May 25, 2018.

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