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This year's Emmy Awards certainly pulled out all the stops when it came to recognizing the brightest stars in the industry, proving that TV has truly never been better.

Packed to the brim with groundbreaking moments — such as Riz Ahmed making history for Asian actors and a number of outstanding women scooping up the big gongs — it was one of the most proactive ceremonies when it came to celebrating diversity in Hollywood. And in the process, it also became one of the most political.

And of course, avid Twitter user and failing reality TV star Donald Trump couldn't refrain from shoving his tiny, porky fingers and deranged opinions into the ring. After probably feeling a little butt-hurt that his former press secretary Sean Spicer basically admitted that the administration had sprouted a web of lies following the 2016 presidential inauguration and did a super gay thing like let James Corden kiss him on the cheek, POTUS went on another social media rampage.

Taking a momentary break from ogling whatever crap Fox News was shitting out and saying how he was going to blow up millions of people in North Korea, Trump aired his feelings to anyone who would listen — and surprise, surprise, his word vomit had, yet again, everything to do with ratings:

Sorry Donny, but you're wrong once again. According to CBS's broadcast figures, this year's Emmys were on a par with last year's ceremony, averaging 11.4 million viewers compared with 2016's 11.3 million spectators.

For reference, this isn't the first time that Trump has attacked the Emmys. Back in 2013 — before we had any idea of the nightmare we were heading for with his current stint in the White House — he wailed like a spoiled child that the award's show hadn't recognized his reality TV show The Apprentice:


Do you agree that Trump should give up Twitter and get in the bin?


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