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To some, the Trump joke has gone on far too long (interpret that how you will) but for this is just the start. The comedy powerhouse will be launching a new series April 27 titled The President Show. The series will feature comedian-impressionist Anthony Atamanuik as, you guessed it, President Donald J. Trump.

The President Show

Airing Thursday nights after The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, The President Show will be all about making late-night great again:

The losers dominating late-night are in for a rude awakening when the smartest, handsomest, most winning-est president of all time enters the fray to address the nation. The President Show brings television back to the people – by putting a plutocratic billionaire behind the desk.

The show will largely feature Atamanuik as with Peter Grosz (former writer for The Colbert Report) as Mike Pence and comedy side-kick. The show will mostly take place in the Oval office-style set and feature guests being interviewed by Atamanuik in character. The show's first guest will be pundit Keith Olbermann.

It'll be interesting to see how sustainable the half-hour show will be, but it does have an experienced Trump impersonator on its side.

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Atamanuik Is The Trump Impersonator

Anthony Atamanuik as Donald Trump, James Adomian as Bernie Sanders, and Chris Hardwick as the host of "@midnight" [Credit: Comedy Central]
Anthony Atamanuik as Donald Trump, James Adomian as Bernie Sanders, and Chris Hardwick as the host of "@midnight" [Credit: Comedy Central]

For those not too familiar with Atamanuik's Trump impersonation, him and fellow comedian James Adomian have toured the country as Trump and Bernie Sanders–the latter who will no doubt have to make an appearance on the upcoming show.

The pair hosted a Bernie vs Trump stage show impersonating the two candidates during the election. The show became popular enough that the pair made an in character appearance for an hour-long special for @midnight hosted by Chris Hardwick.

It's hysterical and proves that Atamanuick is the perfect Trump impersonator. He's so good it's scary.

Some Trump Supporters Actually Like Atamanuick, Alec Baldwin... Not So Much.

Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump "Saturday Night Live" [Credit: NBC]
Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump "Saturday Night Live" [Credit: NBC]

After watching Atamanuik's impression it's hard not to have some sort of reaction be it laughter, hate, or just sheer confusion if he really is Donald Trump.

According to Atamanuik, some Trump supporters have also enjoyed his impression of the billionaire:

”Weirdly, I’ve had Trump supporters come up to me after shows, and be like, ‘I don’t know what you’re saying, but I like the impression.’ "

When talking about who might play Trump at the White House Correspondents Dinner that the president himself won't be attending, Baldwin made a claim that other impersonators were "lobbying to play him," to which Atamanuik tweeted:

How such a rivalry between the two might fair by show ratings will have to be seen. But regardless there's one guy who may give a Tweet or two about his thoughts on the new show...

The Real Trump Might Not Be So Happy

If there's one thing likely to come out of this, it's backlash from the real President himself. Trump is infamously known for calling out celebrities that mock, criticize, or otherwise "attack" him.

However, Trump's tweets are unlikely to do anything to get the show taken off the air. If anything, it might just be a bit of free, presidential advertisement.

One thing is for sure: a Trump based TV show means yuge numbers and yuge ratings, believe me.

[Credit: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon]
[Credit: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon]

The President Show premieres Thursday April 26th at 11:30 pm on Comedy Central.

Source: Vanity Fair


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