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Just when you think you have heard the weirdest news possible in the run up to the 2016 election, goes and waves a big, rotten, p*ssy grabbing hand in front of your face. Did 's zombie-romp really include a Donald Trump walker? The bloated corpse with ratty hair and decaying skin can not only be seen taking to the polling booths, but also crawling out of the grass in Episode 3 of The Walking Dead's seventh season, "The Cell."

Image: AMC
Image: AMC

So there he is, in all his gory glory. Redditors are still pawing over the idea that this is Greg Nicotero's homage to possible future POTUS, but I personally can't see the similarities. For a start, the hair is ALL wrong, and Trump wouldn't be caught dead (literally) in such shabby clothing — you would at least expect him to be sporting some sport-luxe golfing attire. It looks a little too puffy around the gills, but undead Donald could be retaining some water after his trip to the grave. If you still can't see it, other Redditors have pointed out that it in fact looks more like the walker version of Harry Potter's Brendan Gleeson. To get doubly meta, someone posed the theory that it is SNL Alec Baldwin, playing Donald Trump, playing a walker.

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Image: Columbia Pictures
Image: Columbia Pictures

We already know that FX creator Greg Nicotero likes his homages to famous faces, having previously included a walker of himself, and one of Johnny Depp. If that really is Donald crawling around in the Atlanta undergrowth, is The Walking Dead actually a meta depiction of our future? However, are Robert Kirkman and co. depicting the future where Trump or Clinton wins? Damn you Barry Allen and Stephen Strange, messing with the timelines again!

There is something ironic in the fact that Alexandria is incredibly close to Washington D.C., but what is Walker Trump doing outside of the capital during an apocalypse? Perhaps he was trying to build a bigger wall around Alexandria, or maybe he was he banishing the walkers into Mexico.

Image: Twitter
Image: Twitter

The timing couldn't be better, as we will soon know whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States. reached out to AMC who apparently confirmed that sorry, it is just your standard Walker. Awwww shucks, the slogan "Let's Make Walkers Great Again" would have made him a perfect candidate to take over from on the show. Time to bury that theory, but in the run up to the vote, let's never forget that Pokemon that looks like Donald Trump — that I am all on board for!

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