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A morally-corrupt, entitled trio break into the home of an elderly man to take everything he has for themselves — more than just a flash-forward to Trump's every-dog-for-himself America, this is the deceptively simple premise of Don't Breath, the home invasion horror which tore up the box office this summer and received raves for its fresh take on a very worn genre.

Don't Breathe was the rare film that's so good, you kind of don't want a sequel, a perfect 90 minutes of smart scares — but, of course, this is Hollywood, and sequels are the ultimate currency, so it shouldn't be a surprise that is happening.

What would be a surprise if it the sequel could recapture or even eclipse the kind of nail-biting tension that made the first movie such a winner, but director Fede Álvarez reckons that the sequel in his head something special. Here's what he had to say when speaking to CinemaBlend:

"Right now, yeah, Don’t Breathe 2 is something we definitely want to do. The challenge is obvious — we just don’t want to do the same movie again, slap a “2” on it. We’ll feel so embarrassed if we do that. Our first reaction when they told us, ‘Do you want to do it?’ was like, ‘No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. That’s Hollywood! That’s the devil! We don’t want to make a sequel just because we can. But then we got an idea that we’re really excited about, and I won’t tell you what it is because it will spoil the whole thing."

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If you're still a little skeptical, horror legend Sam Raimi, a master at dragging us to hell and back, is hyping 2 in a big way:

"It's only the greatest idea for a sequel that I've ever heard! I'm not kidding! [The studio] aren't going to like it at all! They're going to freak out when they find out [what we're] thinking."

Bold words, but frankly I'm sold already. Álvarez, who is also in talks to direct Sony's Dragon Tattoo sequel The Girl In The Spider's Web, will return to direct Don't Breathe 2. You haven't seen the last of Stephen Lang's blind badass, either.

Could Don't Breathe 2 be the rare horror sequel to top a brilliant original?

(Source: CinemaBlend)


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