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Once upon a time, the greenlighting of a movie was usually confirmed by press releases, or perhaps the occasional interview slip to a major media outlet. In this day and age of Twitter, things are a bit different: a pic tweeted by a director/ actor/ producer along with a 160-characters-or-less short message can accomplish just as much as more traditional methods of announcement, at least in terms of impact.

Yesterday, the social network brought Entourage fans very good tidings: the feature film follow-up to the hit HBO show (which ran for eight glorious seasons from 2004-2011) is a go. The person who told us this news is none other than , the creator, executive producer, head writer and occasional guest actor of Entourage:

Apparently, the movie will chronologically fit six months after the Entourage series finale.

UPDATE: Another Twitter confirmation from actor , who played Turtle on the show.

The announcement for a release date should come anytime soon. There had been various reports of arduous contract negotiations that have delayed the whole project, which now seems back on track.

Any Entourage fans out there? Are you guys excited about a film sequel? Any expectations? Let us know, as always, in the southern regions of the page.

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