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If you have yet to follow Doug the Pug on social media, you are surely missing out! The adorable pup is famous for being decked out in elaborate costumes and accessories, making for quite the portfolio. He probably has a better online persona and sense of style than most celebrities. Speaking of celebrities, many enjoy snapping pictures with Doug while he is out and about or attending events. Doug also enjoys dressing up as some of his favorite characters and just this week, he showed his love for Stranger Things in what might be one of the greatest parodies of all time!

Posted on Doug the Pug's official social media pages, fans can view a short 25-second video mashed together with a bunch of clips with Doug portraying a wide array of characters from the hit Netflix show. Not only are the outfits spot on, the settings and background details are on point. Here is a closer look at Dustin, Joyce, Eleven, and Barb:

Check out the full clip below for a look at all characters featured in "Stranger Pugs." Doug clearly has a lot of range as an actor to take on all those different roles as well as staying so still and focused. Maybe there will be a part two to the video featuring a few missed characters like Steve and the Demogorgon. My only question is where can I get a dog that resembles Barb?

Sources: Doug the Pug Facebook

Photo Sources: Doug the Pug Instagram

Check out the teaser for Stranger Things Season 2 and drop Doug the Pug a comment about what you wanna see his take in his next video:

Be sure to check out Doug the Pug's social media pages to follow his future endeavors.


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