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Marvel's Multiverse has given us an incredible range of superheroes. One new multiverse fixture has been taking the world of comics by storm since 2014, and has proved to be a staunch fan-favorite. I'm talking, of course, about the indomitable 'Spider-Gwen'! Spider-Gwen is set to make her animated debut in Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man, and comic book fans couldn't be more excited. Dove Cameron — best known for her roles in Cloud 9 and Descendants — is playing the part, and she's a perfect fit!

Dove Cameron's View on Spider-Gwen

Spider-Gwen is, in the loosest terms, what I call a 'Legacy Hero' - a new character, who stands in the shadow of a greater franchise. That said, she's also different to any other 'Legacy Hero'; based in an alternate reality, she's no mere sidekick or 'new version'. In her reality, as Dove Cameron observes, she's literally the equivalent of Spider-Man.

I love Dove Cameron's excitement about the role. Her passion for superheroes is clear, and you can tell she's absolutely nailed the part. Her mastery of the role can clearly be seen this in the superb clip Marvel published — take a look!

Fans of Spider-Gwen will notice that the character's background has been subtly reworked for Ultimate Spider-Man. Over in the comics, Gwen has long since revealed her secret identity to her father, who's now retired from the police force.

Is There More for Spider-Gwen?

I don't mind admitting that I'm a huge fan of Spider-Gwen. Created by Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez, the character revisits the legacy of Spider-Man in a fun and creative way. In Spider-Gwen's world, it was Gwen Stacy — Peter Parker's lost love in the normal Marvel Universe — who was bitten by the radioactive spider. She learned the lesson of 'power and responsibility' the hard way, when Peter attempted to mimic her, and ultimately died.

The concept plays out well, and has only been strengthened by Robbi Rodriguez's phenomenal costume design. When the costume was first tweeted out, it went viral, and the character was actually christened by her Twitter hashtag!

Image: babsdraws on DeviantArt
Image: babsdraws on DeviantArt

Here's the thing: all the way back in 2014, we know that Sony was watching Spider-Gwen's success with fascination. Unfortunately, Sony had just killed off Emma Stone's superb Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, so their hands were a little tied. More recently, there have been comments that Marvel and Sony are interested in developing a spider-centric corner of the MCU. I see no reason why that couldn't include "Spider-Verse" — and introduce Dove Cameron herself as Spider-Gwen.

In actual fact, Dove Cameron is a tremendously popular fan cast for the part. As you can tell from the videos, she definitely has the right voice for the part - but she also has the same iconic and beautiful look as the classic Gwen Stacy. Given Spider-Man: Homecoming is embracing a younger , is it possible that Dove Cameron could move from the animated series to the itself?

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We can only hope. Those clips are tremendous, and she clearly has a real passion for the character; that should translate into a really effective portrayal on the big screen. Personally, I think Spider-Gwen is one of the best concepts to spin out of the House of Ideas in the last decade, and I'd love to see her appear in the MCU!

Do you want Dove Cameron's Spider-Gwen to join the MCU? Let me know in the comments!

Get the homage? Image: Marvel Comics
Get the homage? Image: Marvel Comics


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