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There are many reasons fans have chimed with The Flash comics over the years, and it's not just Barry Allen who has won readers over. Kid Flash, Barry's nephew Wally, has been a fan fave ever since his first appearance, and after a season of getting to know The CW's live action version of Wally West, it was a delight to see him finally become the speedster hero we know and love. Until Barry reset the timeline, of course.

Episode 3 of The Flash Season 3 saw Jesse Wells return, complete with speedster powers thanks to her run-in with the second particle accelerator explosion.

Wally and Jesse in the explosion. [The CW]
Wally and Jesse in the explosion. [The CW]

Because Wally was with Jesse at the time, seeing her with powers sent him into a bit of a crisis — especially as he's been dreaming of his time as Kid Flash.

Doctor Alchemy Wants To Recruit Wally

After Wally mentioned offhand to Jesse that he'd "dreamt about [having powers]", it was revealed that Frankie — this episode's metahuman threat — experienced dreams of Flashpoint before she was approached by Doctor Alchemy.

Until Frankie explained this, it's likely that Wally just chocked his own dreams up to his longing to be a speedster. He didn't say anything about this in the episode, but he definitely looked concerned after Frankie recounted her tale, so it could be that he's realised he was Kid Flash in the alternate timeline.

"I started having dreams, of Magenta." "Dreams?" [The CW]
"I started having dreams, of Magenta." "Dreams?" [The CW]

Are these dreams of Flashpoint just remnants from another timeline? It seems unlikely that anyone could experience these memories unless their metahuman powers specifically deal with manipulating alternate realities — after all, in Season 1 Cisco was the only one to remember the erased timeline in which he was murdered by Reverse Flash, and it was later revealed that he remembered this because of his Vibe powers.

So it would seem that Frankie's Flashpoint dreams — and probably Wally's too — were caused by Doctor Alchemy himself, probably as a tactic to reel in new recruits. Edward Clariss a.k.a. the Rival also started remembering his time as a speedster in Flashpoint, before he agreed to work with Alchemy.

Wally was Kid Flash in the alternate timeline. [The CW]
Wally was Kid Flash in the alternate timeline. [The CW]

All of this adds up to one very uncomfortable possibility — Alchemy is already trying to seduce Wally to the Dark Side, inducing dreams of Flashpoint to show Wally who he might have been.

We're left wondering what this means for Wally, and whether he'll take Alchemy up on his inevitable offer. It may be that Wally doesn't need help from Alchemy, that he really did get speedster powers when Jesse did during the second particle accelerator explosion. Only time will tell, but it looks like Wally might have a difficult decision to face in the future.

Tell us in the comments: Do you want Wally to become Kid Flash in the new timeline?


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