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Mark Newton

We're getting a Scrubs reunion! Hooray! Well, actually, maybe that's kind of an exaggeration. Seriously, calm down. We are sort of getting a reunion, if you include two people who worked on Scrubs getting together to work on a completely different show a reunion. You don't call that a reunion? Well, sorry. Jeez.

Anyway, , who played Sacred Hearts' most cynical medical practitioner Dr Cox, is teaming up again with Scrub's creator Bill Lawrence to deliver Ground Floor, a new TBS sitcom set in the world of corporate America. According to Deadline, the show will center around a determined 'alpha male' who increasingly comes into contact with his company's support staff, a bunch of happy-go-lucky funsters with no care in the world. McGinley is down to play the boss of the corporation, Mr Mansfield.

Although the script has existed for more than a year, Lawrence did not originally have McGinley in mind. Despite this, he admitted, "I'd kill to work with John on anything".

At the moment, we don't know much about his character, but would you like him to play another role like Dr Cox, or would you interested to see what else McGinley can do? Let us know below.


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