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Eszter Simor

In the promotional lead-up to the premiere of Dracula, NBC has released an exclusive preview video about the new supernatural drama.

According to the creators, it uses Bram Stoker's original story, but it offers a "new view of the first vampire"; the undead classic will come alive with an American twist.

The Tudors' plays the lead as the vengeful Vlad Tepes, masking himself as an American industrialist in Victorian England. According to Rhys Meyers, he wanted to present American showmanship through the big façade the vampire is putting on, saying he is is "as American as God, guns and bourbon".

What else is in the video? Obviously a lot of blood-sucking, naked six-packs and co-creators praising Rhys Meyers' intense performance.

(via TV Line)

Will you watch the newest incarnation of Dracula or are you over the vampire trend?


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