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The Dragon Ball franchise houses a large variety of characters, but one of its most popular ones is someone that's had very limited screen time, Gogeta. The result of the fusion between and sparked people's imaginations during his first appearance in Fusion Reborn, and he's often regarded as one of the most powerful individuals in the DB universe.

The character's in a perpetual state and we've already seen his transformation into SS4 in Dragon Ball GT, but even with those awesome displays of power, fans have felt Gogeta's potential hasn't been fully explored in terms of that power, especially in Dragon Ball Super.

The newest installment in the saga has Vegeta and Goku going up against incredibly strong opponents, so we've been salivating at the thought of the two heroes turning to a more powerful –– specifically a Super Saiyan Blue –– version of their 30-minute fusion to level the odds. Fortunately, our dreams just (sorta) came true.

Meet Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta

Universal Studios Japan will launch a new 4D Dragon Ball film this summer, which promises to be an immersive experience into the anime's world. The movie will center around Vegeta and Goku going up against Broly God. There's no other way around it, Broly is an absolute monster, and our beloved Z Fighters have had a hard time beating him in his Legendary Super Saiyan form alone.

Now amped up to god status, Vegeta and Goku will need all the help and all the power they can get to beat him. Enter Gogeta. Thanks to a new poster for the 4D attraction spotted by a fan, we know the two Saiyans will fuse to create Super Saiyan Blue :

Yeah, Broly may be intimidating, but he'll probably won't stand a chance against a powered-up Gogeta. But before throwing our fists up in the air and jumping around from excitement, we need to keep one thing in mind.

Unfortunately, Blue Gogeta Isn't Canon... Yet

While the character will be showing off his mind-blowing powers in the 4D film, Gogeta's transformation isn't technically canon to the DB universe. In fact Gogeta is technically not even canon in the Dragon Ball universe. He first appeared in the film Fusion Reborn, which is considered an Elseworld story for the franchise. After that –– as previously mentioned –– he made another appearance in , which also isn't considered canon.

So the character is in a strange stasis mode in that he hasn't been properly introduced into the Dragon Ball mythology. But don't be disappointed just yet. Dragon Ball Z The Real 4D Experience will undoubtedly raise people's interest in seeing a new version of the character, which could lead to the minds behind the DB universe including him in .

The series hasn't been holding back on eye-popping transformations and off-the-charts power levels (even more so than in ), so Gogeta and his brand-new hair would work perfectly in that. After all, we already got Vegeta and Goku's other fusion, Vegito, as a Super Saiyan Blue.

[Credit: Toei Animation]
[Credit: Toei Animation]

It would be incredible to see not only just how powerful a Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta would be, but to see the character finally integrated into canon. We got our dream come of seeing him transform with the poster above, so who knows? Maybe we'll see him on TV soon enough.

What do you think about Gogeta's new transformation? Let me know in the comments!


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