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Grandfathered star Josh Peck recently married his long-time girlfriend, cinematographer and editor, Paige O'Brien, in a dream ceremony in Malibu. Peck's family and friends, including his Grandfathered co-star John Stamos, were all in attendance. However, there was one significant absentee on Josh Peck's big day: Peck's Drake and Josh co-star Drake Bell.

and played stepbrothers in Nickelodeon's hit series . In spite of the fact that the show has been off the air for almost a decade, the two actors still remained very good friends, with Peck even bringing Bell on as a guest star last year on Grandfathered. Bell even shared an old picture of him and Josh Peck the Friday before he got the news of Peck getting married.

However, their relationship seems to have taken a rocky turn after Bell wasn't invited to Peck's wedding. Bell took to Twitter to voice his disappointment, and to officially cut all ties with his "brotha". Although Bell didn't directly mention Peck's name, the tweets weren't too subtle. Drake Peck has since deleted those tweets, but not before his fans got some screengrabs.

What Does Twitter Have To Say?

Josh Peck not inviting Drake Bell to his wedding has left Drake and Josh fans shocked and sad. People can't believe this is how the Drake and Josh story has ended. Has the word "brotha" really lost all its meaning?

This feud between Drake Bell and Josh Peck has divided the fanbase of the show. While some believed Josh Peck was absolutely right not to invite Drake Bell, some stood by Drake Bell's side.

Team Josh:

Team Drake:

Some people, decided to take neither side, and blamed someone else instead...

You can't invite everyone to your wedding, and it's understandable that some people get missed off of wedding invite lists. But given the fact that they have been friends for so long, it's also understandable that Bell is upset. We can only hope that the two actors can sort things and go back to being friends.

Do you think Josh Peck was right not to invite Drake Bell to his wedding? Let us know in the comments section down below.


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