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While the MTV VMAs saw Kendrick Lamar sweep up all the awards, Lorde doing some kind of bizarre performance art and politics take center stage, the most beautiful moment of the night came between Drake Bell and Josh Peck, who reunited after months of feuding.

Things seemed to be going swimmingly with the pair who had remained great friends since they starred as stepbrothers in the iconic '00s show . Drake even cameoed in Josh's 2016 sitcom Grandfathered. But it all went downhill when Josh took to social media to air his heartbreak over not being invited to Josh's small Malibu wedding to Paige O'Brien.

Drake later deleted the tweets, flaunted his six pack, and told Entertainment Weekly that he regretted airing his anguish so publicly:

"We've been so close, it was just one of those things where you know, I'd been talking to him, and he's been telling me about the engagement. And then I saw on social media, the wedding, and I didn't hear about it. So, it was just one of those things where it was just like, 'You didn't even tell me?! I had to find out on social media?' And then you're like, 'You know what!? Fine!' and then I'm like, wait, I probably shouldn't have done that."

Skip forward to August and it looks like the pair have finally put this spat behind them, after they both posted adorable matching Instagram snaps from Sunday night's MTV Video Music Awards.

Both with the caption "Hug me...," Drake and Josh warmly embrace, putting all that madness behind them and reminding fans that 18 years of friendship is way more important than misunderstandings and petty feuds.

Now that their feud is over, the stepbrothers can go back to being pals and moving forward with their careers. Drake is currently focussing on his music, having released the Honest EP earlier this summer, while Josh is starring in the upcoming original movie Take the 10.

Are Drake and Josh ultimate friendship goals? Let us know in the comments!


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