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Drake Bell might still be reeling from not being invited to his former co-star Josh Peck's wedding, but the 30-year-old star is keeping on keeping on despite the social sleight by whipping his shirt off so we can witness his fitness.

The Drake & Josh alum posed for Flaunt magazine in a fashion story designed to showcase the star's own personal style, but the main thing it showed was that the actor has well and truly "Longbottomed." Check out what I mean in the pictures below:

Along with showing off his staggering ability to strike a pose in any number of monochromatic snaps that are both different and exactly the same, Drake also explained how fashion and music are basically the same thing:

"Music is my journal, it’s a way to express myself and convey my emotions and thoughts to the world through melody and song. Fashion is an extension of the music. Artists from every generation wear clothing that resonate with and inspire the art they create. Just like music, fashion sets the tone for how I choose to be in the moment and portray myself to the world.”

Here's hoping that Drake's alone time getting in touch with his feelings in the wilderness helped him forget the agony of not being invited to the wedding of someone he worked with ten years ago, eh?

You can feast your eyes on more pictures of Drake flexing his pecs with his flies undone HERE.

Drake Bell's new photoshoot: Hot or hell no?

(Source: Flaunt)


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