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Rejoice, fans! The "brothas" have hugged it out!

The recent spat between Drake Bell and Josh Peck, wherein Bell was apparently not invited to Peck's wedding left fans heartbroken. After many cursed Megan for somehow being involved in the lack of invitation, the fictional brothers reunited at this year's MTV Video Music Awards. The stars of Drake and Josh posted matching images with the "hug me" caption which caused legions of fans of the celebrated series to post their jubilation that the brothers are back together again.

Matching Instagram Posts Make It Real

Earlier, infamously took to his Twitter in a series of now-deleted tweets to voice his anger at not being invited to the wedding, stating that "true colors" came out that day and ties were officially cut. Thankfully all of that turmoil seems to be in the past courtesy of the Instagram posts and new videos that depict a repaired friendship.

, who runs a vlogging channel with his "Shua Vlogs", recently uploaded a behind-the-scenes look at their reunion in the aptly titled "DRAKE AND JOSH REUNION." The video shows Peck's experience at the award show but most importantly, features a quick meet up with Bell where the two laugh off the recent drama and insist "it's all good." The vlog currently has over 4 million views and is the #2 trending video on YouTube.

The Boys Are Back In Town

The duo also appeared in the vlog of their mutual friend, David Dobrik, where they staged a mock fight and Bell quipped that the wedding "looked like it sucked anyway." They appeared to be in good spirits as they surprised a blind-folded Dobrik with a singing Bell. Dobrik jokingly reveals that a new season of will air exclusively on his channel which certainly adds salt to the wounds of those pining for more of the hit series, which ran from 2004-2007.

A final Megan reference was made toward the end of the video. Everyone was in agreement that "[She] sucks, right?"

When friends are able to set aside their differences and poke fun at moments that tested their relationship, you know the bond is strong. Hopefully we will see more of Bell and Peck working together because a single episode of the now-canceled Grandfathered simply isn't enough.

Are you happy to see Drake and Josh back together again? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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