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If there's anyone that was guaranteed to made you laugh, it was Stevie Ryan. Not only was she as bright as the sun, she was a woman who loved to make fans applaud her talents, especially her sense of humor. However, the depression she fought was brought to the forefront when the YouTuber passed away on Monday after a possible suicide. Her passing brought to light something that she may never see or understand: the love of her fans and colleagues.

The "Little Loca" actress and comedian was one of the first true YouTube stars, and her acts of hilarity will never be forgotten. Fellow YouTube stars and celebrities took to social medial to offer their fondest memories of Stevie Ryan, and their responses were simply heart-warming.

She Touched More Hearts Than She Knew

But the loss didn't just impact big names. Her passing hit the internet by storm. Fans let out a cry of anguish at their lost:

Stevie had a following, countless friends, and those who felt like they knew her through online interactions. She was indeed a woman who had a much broader reach than she knew. Her talents as an actress and comedian were among the first to be broadcasted on YouTube, before stars such as Pewdiepie, Rudy Mancuso, Anwar Jibawi, or even Markiplier even got their start.

Who Exactly Was Stevie Ryan?

Stevie Ryan as Little Loca [Credit: @TheRealParis]
Stevie Ryan as Little Loca [Credit: @TheRealParis]

Stevie Ryan was born June 2, 1984 in Riverside, California. When she was two years old her family moved to Victorville, where her parents ran a trucking business. In 2002 she graduated from Silverado High School before heading to LA to pursue her career in TV and entertainment.

Eventually, the "Little Loca" actress/comedian became one of YouTube's first big-name creators while she was attempting to kick-start her career. In wasn't till 2010, however, that she would join New Wave Entertainment, who recruited her after seeing her online parodies, for a show called Stevie TV. Her show would incorporated sketch comedy that parodied pop culture personalities and phenomena. The show itself was picked up by VH1, but would be cancelled after its second season.

You can check out one of her "Little Loca" YouTube videos below:

If you or someone you know is debating self-harm or suicide or just need someone to talk to, please call the National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.


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