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Drake Bell rose to fame on Nickelodeon's The Amanda Show and Drake and Josh; and since then, the actor has become one of the most prominent voice actors working today. Over the past few years. has voiced Peter Parker/Spider-Man on Disney XD's Ultimate Spider-Man, but the actor might have his eyes set on another superhero role — this time, in the realm of DC Comics.

Drake Bell's Cryptic Robin Tweets

Taking to his Twitter account, Drake Bell posted a cryptic tweet which read: "the Boy Wonder?". He then posted a picture of the Robin symbol, before quickly deleting both tweets. As with most things on the internet, nothing is truly deleted, so it came as no surprise when an intrepid Twitter user took screenshots of the posts, which led to rampant speculation about what Bell was eluding to.

Update: Drake Bell has posted two new cryptic tweets, which seem to imply "knight wing" (Nightwing) and "Dick gray sun" (Dick Grayson).

Could Drake Bell Be Playing Dick Grayson?

First off, it's entirely possible that Bell may have shared these tweets in order to persuade the public that he should portray Robin on the big screen – a strategy which we’ve seen before during Tyrese's campaign to play Green Lantern in the . However, given Bell’s resume, it is likely that he could be voicing Dick Grayson in a DC animated role, and with Young Justice Season 3 on the way, it makes perfect sense.

The idea that Drake Bell could be playing a live-action Dick Grayson in a future DCEU film quickly spread across the internet. This is certainly a possibility, but given Bell’s resume as a voice-over and TV actor, it seems likely that if he were to play a live-action version of Dick Grayson, it would be on television.

It was recently announced that a live-action version of the Teen Titans would be coming to a new DC Entertainment streaming platform, and this show seems like the perfect fit for Drake Bell. Titans will begin filming soon, and no casting announcements have been made yet, so Bell being cast certainly isn't out of the question. Out of all the possibilities, Drake Bell playing Dick Grayson on seems like the safest bet, and fantastic casting.

Bosslogic Imagines What Drake Bell Would Look Like As A Live-Action Robin And Nightwing

Drake Bell As Robin [Credit: Bossogic via]
Drake Bell As Robin [Credit: Bossogic via]

After Drake Bell deleted his tweets, ComicBook.Com commissioned to create an image of what Bell would look like as Robin (before he posted the cryptic tweets that hinted at Dick Grayson/Nightwing). The design of the Robin suit is simple yet fitting for the character, and Bell looks like he was born to play the role of Robin.

Update: Bosslogic was commisioned again by, only this time he imagined what Drake Bell would look like as .

Drake Bell’s Robin/Nightwing looks like he would be right at home in the or Titans. After seeing this image, fans have begun to show support for Bell to be the first live-action Robin since Chris O’Donnell portrayed the role in Batman and Robin, almost killing the franchise in the process.

Although Bosslogic’s artwork is amazing, we don’t know yet if Drake Bell will actually portray a live-action version of Robin/Dick Grayson/Nightwing. Regardless though, between all the DC properties on film and TV being released in the next few years, let's hope that fans will finally see the live-action Dick Grayson they've been hoping for.

Sound off! Do you want Drake Bell to play Dick Grayson/Nightwing on Titans, the Arrowverse, or the DCEU? Let your voice be heard in the comments section below.



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