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After shaking off following their whirlwind, picture-perfect romance over the summer, it appears that is out of the woods once more and has set her sights on a new man. Or so the Internet speculates.

Drake and Taylor Swift have recently been working on new music together, and some argue that their relationship has gone beyond the innocent realms of professionalism. Proof? Well, just the other week, the duo started making headlines that they were hooking up in-between studio collaborations. On top of that, nosey observers also apparently saw T-Swift getting cosy with birthday boy Drake at his 30th birthday party. Cheeky!

To add further fuel to the fire, our Champagne Paps posted the following intimate image, suggesting he was dating America's sweetheart:

If the rumors are true, while we're all happy for T-Swift following her messy 2016 summer of break-ups and Kardashian-West feuds, it is a sad time for those still lamenting the definitive collapse of Drake and Rihanna's relationship.

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After all, it was only last August that Papi declared his love for Bad Gal RiRi as she stood on the VMAs podium to accept her Michael Jackson Vanguard Award:

Weeks later and the pair called it quits, citing their busy schedules as a reason for the break-up.

And now, it's safe to say the Internet has a lot of feelings about the fact that Tay Tay may be Drake's new gal. Here are some of the Twitter reaction milling about right now — and let me warn you, they aren't good:

Do you think Drake and Taylor Swift are dating or are they just good friends?


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