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Scott Pierce tipped us off to the fact that Dredd is currently out of stock on Amazon. You'll be able to buy some copies after it's restocked on August 1.

Dredd was definitely my favorite comic adaptation of 2012. It was gritty, tough, and had enough eye popping mayhem for multiple viewings. It felt like an old school throwback to action movies of the 1980s and early 1990s, but felt relevant enough for today's superhero landscape. Even though it was considered a box office failure, the success of the Blu-ray and DVD could make a sequel possible, even though we've said it's not in the past. The fact that it's currently out on Amazon says a lot about the series' rabid fan base.

We recently wrote about how the publishers of the Dredd comics have organized a petition for a sequel. You can sign it here. There's also a Facebook petition, which you should also join. Likewise, the Judge himself, actor , has expressed interest in a sequel and said that fans need to reach out in order for it to happen.

While there's still no official word that a sequel will be made, the fact that the Blu-ray and DVD are selling so well (and in high demand on Netflix's physical discs) shows that this movie has legs. It'll be interesting to also see whether or not they tone down the violence in a sequel for a PG-13 rating. That will probably be hard, considering the fact that they will deal with the Dark Judges and Cursed Earth if they happen.

Let me know what you want from a Dredd sequel!



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