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The found footage sub-genre of horror has always been one of the best at inducing immediate and very real fear, and from the look of this new clip for Happy Camp, this movie will be no different.

The horror genre has been severely lacking on summer camp flicks over the years, so who knows, this one will be a goodun!

Click here for the exclusive new clip.

From the synopsis:

Happy Camp tells the story of four filmmaker friends who visit the Northern California town of Happy Camp to film a documentary about the place where hundreds of people have gone missing from the surrounding mountains, including one of the pals’ younger siblings decades ago.

Not what you'd expect from a Drew Barrymore production, eh? Nonetheless, the clip illustrates exactly how silence and waiting can be more entertaining than frantic fast-cutting and berserk special effects... I'm into it.

What did you think? Will you be checking out Happy Camp? The movie gets a release on VOD and across all other digital platforms on Tuesday, March 25.

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