ByAdam Harris, writer at
Adam Harris

With a huge ensemble cast of mythical creatures and beautiful sets and locations we were expecting a couple of photo shoots and perhaps a couple of stills from of on set from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Maybe in true -style there'd be some beautiful concept art or a couple of decent looks at the costumes, but absolutely nothing could have prepared us for the glut of images that have poured forth from New Line Entertainment. We've had a look at everyone from the film's dwarvish protagonists to Legolas's dad Thranduil. Now — courtesy of Collider — we've got yet more promotional material from the film.

You can take a look at the rest of them over at Collider, but these are definitely our favorites. Just looks at how fearsome that knife-wielding, knuckleduster-sporting bald psychopath of a Dwarf looks, and we've got a certain soft spot for whoever the poor unfortunate with an axe protruding from his head is. We can officially guarantee that this won't be the last of the promotion material we'll see from the film before it's December 14th release date. Expect trailers, clips, and an inordinate number of photos.


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