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The DC Extended Universe has, to some, been sputtering to gain traction and get to its feet. But to fanboys and girls, everything is going just fine. If nothing else, the DCEU has made sure to distance itself from the MCU by taking an entirely different approach to the tone of their films. This approach has been met with some criticism about films being too dark and not the family friendly style Marvel has mastered. Yet, the show must go on.

Image by BossLogic
Image by BossLogic

Rumor has it, 'Justice League' will be taking a different tone than even 'Batman v Superman.'

Deborah Snyder in an interview with IGN shed a some light on the subject:

Justice League is a little bit lighter because some of these characters, you have Flash, tend to be a little more comedic, I'd say.

Dwayne the Rock Johnson decided to get fans excited again by fueling talk about his upcoming role as Black Adam.

The Rock took to Instagram to let everyone know he and the heads of DC are ramping up their plans for one of the most "Ruthless villain/anti-hero's of all time."

When the Rock first spoke about coming to DC, he said he wanted to play someone who could go toe to toe with Superman. It would appear his wish has come true. Black Adam and The Man of Steel have had some epic battles.

It should be interesting to see how things pan out for the DCEU. It will be exciting to see how Black Adam and Shazam fit into the DC Extended Universe.

'Shazam' is pushing for an April 2019 release.


Are you excited for Black Adam to hit the big screen?


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