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Moana is one of my favorite films to date, with amazing songs, a fun storyline, and interesting characters in both Moana and the demi-god Maui. One of the funniest and best parts of the film is when the ocean is messing with Maui, who would rather do his own thing than try to help Moana on her journey and fix the blunder that he created.

Moana doesn't put up with his efforts to keep her away, however, and with the aid of the ocean she is able to get him to agree to help, one more epic story to tell and on more tattoo to add to his body.

Now , who voiced Maui, has given us a gift much like his demi-god counterpart, saying "you're welcome" by sharing a never-before seen deleted scene from the movie...

...even if part of the accompanying caption may or may not be bullsh*t, according to him.

In the clip, Maui tries to show that simply having fun with the ocean isn't what it's all about; you also have to be able to command it. He yells at the ocean to give him a fish, while and the ocean exchange a glance. The anthropomorphic ocean is a character in itself in the film, much like the flying carpet from , and proceeds to toss Maui around with geysers before letting the fish he had caught escape to the fathoms below.

It just goes to show that even things that end up on the cutting room floor are worth watching for a laugh.

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Moana will be available to own on March 7.


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