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What do you get when you cross three giant monsters with one giant human? Dwayne Johnson's big role for 2018, that's what. The Rock been busy cooking up so much work for himself lately that it's surprising he has time to fit in his daily seven hour workout between shooting. As if three upcoming releases weren't enough, the fitness freak has just announced a fourth— and it's going to be based on a video game.

You've probably never heard of , but that's about to change. The 1986 arcade title is based around the destructive adventures of George the gorilla, Lizzie the reptilian and Ralph the werewolf. The aim of the game is to smash large buildings while the army tries to fight back. Ah, the eighties.

Bally Midway
Bally Midway

The plot for the upcoming film is yet to be released, so we can only speculate at this point. And with the source material being an 8-bit game that's essentially devoid of narrative, there isn't much to work with.

More on The Rock:

Johnson does follow a trend with the types of roles he takes, which can give an insight in to the direction Rampage could take. Here are a few possibilities:

Big-Budget Disaster Film

Warner Bros
Warner Bros

You might think the whole animal-destroying-city thing had been done. But if Sharknado has taught us anything, it's that giant animals plus explosions equals big money. And Dwayne Johnson is pretty good at making money- San Andreas grossed over $473 million. It's also the closest possible storyline to the video game. It's about damn time we see a disaster movie featuring not one, but three giant animals— especially when one of them is a werewolf badly affected by food additives. It's the Monsanto-inspired social commentary the sci-fi genre has been missing!

A Moving Tale Of Man's Relationship With Nature

Giant animals have taken over New York City, and the army are fighting a losing battle. Only one man can get the job done: self-proclaimed animal lover Dwayne Johnson. Johnson must communicate with the giant beasts and teach them how to trust humankind for the betterment of both animal and man. Johnson's upcoming role in Jumanji has surely equipped him with the ability to deal with dangerous animals, and there are so many potential roles for his character: buff vet, buff animal behaviouralist, buff horse whisperer...

A Story Of Spiritual Discovery

Playing a demigod in the upcoming Disney animation Moana has introduced Johnson to a whole new world of spiritual potential. Allow me to set the scene: Dwayne Johnson is on a hike. He's wearing his signature sweaty tight workout singlet. Suddenly, a giant gorilla swings down from a tree. But The Rock isn't terrified- he feels strangely at ease. It's his spirit animal! The next two hours entail Johnson encountering various large animals, possibly robed, speaking messages of universal truth and spiritual enlightenment. The animals represent every facet of Johnson's ego. The Wachowskis direct (sorry, Brad Peyton).

Classic Mercenary Action Narrative

It's the obvious choice, yes, but also the most likely. One Dwayne Johnson, three giant animals, and a whole lot of ammunition. Why overthink it? It's the role The Rock was born to play. People know what they're getting with a Dwayne Johnson action film, and he knows how to bring it to them.

The details may be foggy on Rampage's narrative, but one thing is clear: if The Rock is involved, there's going to be a whole lot of sass.

Do you have any theories on what Rampage will be about?

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