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With DC finally having found its Shazam in Chuck's Zachary Levi, it looks like Warner Bros. is also speeding up the development for Black Adam. The film, starring Fast & Furious actor Dwayne Johnson, has been in development for some time and just recently the studio tapped We're The Millers 2 & Due Date writer Adam Sztykiel to write the screenplay. And although it's unclear exactly what the movie will be about, this recent news does give us an idea of what the film will be like.

The Light In Black Adam

Dwayne Johnson in "Fast & Furious" [Credit: Universal Pictures]
Dwayne Johnson in "Fast & Furious" [Credit: Universal Pictures]

Despite Black Adam primarily being a villain to superhero , DC's decision to center a solo film around him certainly raised some eyebrows — especially since it was revealed that Black Adam wouldn't serve as a villain in the upcoming Shazam film. Although fans chalked this interesting decision up to Dwayne Johnson's star power — meaning the only reason the movie was being made was so could fully use Dwayne Johnson's box office appeal to their benefit — it did have fans wondering how DC would go about making it.

For those unfamiliar with the comics character, Black Adam was a Kandaquian slave thousands of years ago. The anti-hero version of the character has been often been shown as someone wants to free the world of oppression, although he goes about it the wrong way. In a way he's one of DC's most complex characters, so fans rightly assumed that his movie treatment could be more dour than the upcoming Shazam film.

However with Adam Sztykiel attached, it seems as if Black Adam could also be heading for a lighter tone, considering that the writer's previous movies have largely been comedies. Whether this could work in keeping with the feel of the character is going to be very interesting to discover, but with Sztykiel on board, comic book fans should definitely expect some levity along with all the darkness of .

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