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From Harrison Ford aggressively pointing at things to Jason Statham kicking the hell out of his enemies, every actor has their own trademarks. In Tom Cruise's case, it's his penchant for running away from things. The Mummy's leading man has run away from sandstorms, aliens and heavily armed spies. Yep, it's safe to say that Cruise is the film industry's very own Barry Allen. However, it looks like Dwayne Johnson doesn't want to copy the Cocktail speedster, and would rather have his own style of 'movie running'.

While shooting for Rampage, one of the producers kept telling Johnson that his running style was reminiscent of Tom Cruise's many famous scenes in which he can be seen running for his life. Although this was no doubt meant as a compliment, The Rock was quick to note why his running style is entirely different to Cruise's.

In fact, the actor felt so strongly about the comparison that he even took to Instagram to provide a critical analysis of the distinct techniques:

Given Johnson's experience as a sportsman, it's no surprise that he was quickly able to explain the difference in technique. However, the comparison begs the question as to which Hollywood favorite is providing fans with the better sprint. So, in an epic clash between Ethan Hunt and Luke Hobbs, here's a definitive comparison between the relentless roadrunners.

Cruise vs. Johnson: The Race Is ON!

Dwayne Johnson has reshaped his career by focusing on action movies that require a muscular hero, while Cruise has been the unrivaled champion of movie running for years. So, without further adieu, here are five key chase scenes where the Hollywood juggernauts performed their greatest on-screen cardio sessions:

5) To the roof! Tom vs. Dwayne on rooftop running:

Tom Cruise has done a lot of property damage as Ethan Hunt, but it's his turn as Roy Miller in Knight and Day that puts him on the rooftops. Meanwhile, Johnson's explosive entry into Fast Five as Hobbs had him chasing Toretto (Vin Diesel) over the favelas of Brazil.

While Tom Cruise literally ran in circles trying to get away from his captors, Dwayne Johnson crashed through a window in an attempt to take down his target. Considering the sheer exhilaration of this sequence, Dwayne is the clear winner for this category.

WINNER: Dwayne Johnson

4) The Spy Who Chased Me; Running Covertly:

While Dwayne Johnson hasn't taken the role of a spy yet, his transformation into a bad-ass CIA agent in Central Intelligence fits the bill. The scenes under consideration are Hunt rescuing and escaping with Lindsey (Keri Russell) versus Bob (Johnson) doing the same with Calvin (Kevin Hart).

The stakes are much higher in Cruise's case, while Johnson's entry is played for laughs. So, without any hesitation, this is Tom "Ethan Hunt" Cruise's best category.

WINNER: Tom Cruise

3) Life's a Beach! Running Through The Sand:

In typical Baywatch fashion, Johnson oozes some serious slo-mo style in the reboot, but is it enough to help Dwayne breeze past Cruise? Well, when you see Bill Cage (Tom Cruise) tearing through a bunch of slithering Mimics, in an exo-suit mounted with an array of guns and missiles in Edge of Tomorrow, I think not.

WINNER: Tom Cruise

2) It's a Disaster! Running From Imminent Death:

Tom Cruise has run from exploding missiles, brain-spattering microchips and the recent rendition of Universal's Mummy. However, it's Spielberg's alien-invasion movie, War of the Worlds that had Cruise escaping certain death at the hands (or should that be tentacles?) of humongous aliens. To give Cruise some healthy competition, Brad Peyton's earth-shattering San Andreas had Johnson running for his life for the entire movie.

Johnson showed a lot of heart while attempting to rescue his family from imminent death, but his sprints were cut short due to the availability of vehicles. While that might've been convenient for Johnson, Cruise provided an impressive sequence that showcased his sprinting abilities to the max.

WINNER: Tom Cruise

1) Who Put The Glad In Gladiator? Running Through Medieval Times:

It's easy to convince viewers about one's running abilities in a modern setup but when an actor is put in a knee-length skirt, the challenge is dialed upto eleven. The actor not only has to pull off the action sequences with panache, but also make it look as manly as possible. So the movies that pits the actors against each other are Legend and Hercules.

Given his youthful performance, Tom Cruise tried his best to embody the role of Earth's last hope in Legend but the shiny armor didn't serve his purpose at all. Meanwhile, Dwayne Johnson charged through his enemies with a club and a roar - and did it all in an even smaller skirt.

WINNER: Dwayne Johnson

So, with 3 out of 5, it looks like Tom Cruise is still the greatest speedster on the silver screen. However, Johnson has so many action-packed movies yet to be released (Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and Rampage) that he could be taking the title sometime soon.

Who do you think is better at running away from things, Tom Cruise or Dwayne Johnson? Sound off in the comments!

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