ByAbi Toll, writer at
Abi Toll

MGM's horror-action film Seal Team 666 which is based on the book by Weston Ochse, will star action beefcake aka 'The Rock'.

Joblo have said that as well as starring in:

Johnson will also executive produce the feature along with Dany Garcia, Brendan Deneen and of Macmillan Films.

According to Joblo, the plotline of the film:

Follows an elite group of Navy Seals who battle demons and assorted threats and discover that there’s a greater supernatural force bent on destroying the world.

Whilst it is currently being kept very secretive as to who will be in the driving seat, there is no doubt that it will be someone great judging by the line up thus far.

So who else would you like to see destroy some demons alongside Dwayne? Answers on a postcard please (or just below will suffice).



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