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The Rock is a man who has it all, dashing good looks, the body of a God and a bank account that would make anyone jealous. He's also been blessed with a totally gorgeous girlfriend in Lauren Hashian, and as if that's not enough, these two beautiful people have come together to create the most precious celeb baby we've ever seen.

Let's take a look at Dwayne's picture perfect family and just how wonderful he is as a father before we coo with suitable fervor over his youngest daughter.

1. The Sexiest Couple Around

Lauren and Dwayne are an incredibly good looking couple, you can see from this red-carpet snapshot that the two are very happy together, and who wouldn't be? Imagine rolling over in the middle of the night and opening your eyes to either of them.

2. Lauren, The Rock and The Bump

Hashian and Johnson both posted this lovely shot of the happy couple back when they were expecting their first daughter together. Dwayne and Lauren have been happily together since 2007 and their first child, Jasmine was born in December 2015. The wrestling star turned actor also has another daughter, Simone, from a previous marriage and continues to care for both of his children. I think this picture of the happy couple set against the fall leaves is so sweet and shows a softer side to the muscly giant.

3. Jasmine Arrives And She Is Adorable

My poor ovaries cannot take this picture. The sleeping baby with the gorgeous pup next to her is too much for me to handle. Although we're not surprised Lauren and Dwayne had such a cute baby, that's some strong gene pool game they've got going on!

If ever I'm having a bad day I'll watch this video and listen to little Jasmine laugh. I cannot get over how darling she is.

4. Diaper Changes Ain't No Thing

The Rock may be one of the most bad-ass men on the planet, but that mean he can't handle a poopy diaper. has to be one of the sweetest hashtags around.

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5. The Only Person That Can Hit The Rock Is His Daughter

We all know damn well that if any of us tried to slap the Rock on the head, we'd be done for. Jasmine however, uses it as her play toy. One of the many privileges of being Dwayne's daughter and a sign of a devoted and very patient father.

6. Jasmine Is Growing Up Fast And Just Check Out Those Eyes

Dwayne's baby girl has the most incredible eyes I've ever seen, they are almost hypnotic. I also love that Johnson is teaching her some wonderful life lessons, even if does mean her pooping on him. Only a father's love would allow that shit. Literally.

7. Lauren Also Knows That The Rock Has Got Jasmine's Back

God bless the poor guy who asks out Jasmine in years to come and has to pick her up from the Rock's house. You brave, brave solider. There's no doubting what Dwayne would do for his bubba and it's truly heartwarming to see.

8. Family Is Dwayne's Rock

You can see here all of the Rock's family coming together to celebrate his eldest daughter's birthday. We must say it looks like quite the party and he's definitely left the cutest daddy birthday message to his first born, Simone.

The Rock is truly blessed by the beautiful people surrounding him and it's wonderful to see how much he's loving fatherhood. I wonder at what age you figure out your daddy is Dwayne Johnson?


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