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We're all aware of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's meteoric rise to A-list celebrity status. We all know about how he was part of wrestling royalty thanks to his grandfather High Chief Peter Maivia and his father Rocky Johnson. We all remember how he was one of the biggest WWE Superstars ever thanks to his quick wit and graceful wrestling moves. Most of all, we saw how Rock's roles in films like Hercules, GI Joe: Retaliation and the Fast and Furious film series caused him to evolve into a bona fide movie star.

However, there are some tidbits about Rock's life and career that most fans may not be privy to. Me, being the superfan that I am (since 2004, baby!), can shed a little light on some lesser-known info on the man we've come to know and love as Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Here are five uncommon facts about :

1. He Saved A Kid's Life By Beating Him Senseless

Show some gratitude!
Show some gratitude!

Growing up, The Rock had a bit of a temper. Flying off the handle usually got him into big trouble, but it actually helped a young acquaintance once upon a time. During an interview with Howard Stern in 2002, Rock admitted that when he was a teenager, he got into a physical fight with a kid near his age.

During the melee, Rock hit the boy so hard he suffered a head injury and had to go to the hospital. While treating the boy's head injury, the doctor located a brain tumor. If it weren't for Rock pounding away on the kid's head, the tumor may have never been found.

2. Rock Wanted To Play King Kamehameha But He Was Shut Down

[Credit: Akkiko_Y via Pixabay]
[Credit: Akkiko_Y via Pixabay]

When Rock was first getting his feet wet in the movie industry, he dreamed of playing the role of King Kamehameha I, the monarch who united all the Hawaiian islands into one kingdom. Rock's desire to play the king made perfect sense considering his Polynesian heritage, as well as the fact that he lived in Hawaii for a time. Let's not forget that with that face and body Rock was made to play royalty!

However, the movie never came to fruition. The story goes that the reason the movie never saw the light of day is because Rock failed to request permission from the Hawaiian elders to make the film. Despite the fact that the elders loved and respected Rock and were proud of his success, not asking for their blessing to make a movie about the state's most beloved leader is a definite no-no.

3. Rock Played Football With Doug Flutie (Sort Of)

In the 2000 autobiography The Rock Says..., he goes into detail on how much he hated being on the Calgary Stampeders' roster during the Canadian Football League's 1995 season. Most people are well aware of all the hardships Rock faced while he was a part of the CFL — sleeping on a urine-stained mattress at a fleabag motel, practically starving and living off cans of spaghetti sauce, being cut from the team before even being able to play, and coming back home to Florida with $7.00 in his pocket (hence the name of his production company, Seven Bucks).

However, what most people don't know is that Doug Flutie was also on the Stampeders during the 1995 season. Rock and Flutie shared a two-minute conversation together about wrestling. They never spoke again during the season. Whether or not they've spoken since remains a mystery.

4. 'Ride Along' Almost Starred The Rock And Ryan Reynolds

Please excuse the EXTREMELY crass cut and paste job.
Please excuse the EXTREMELY crass cut and paste job.

We’ve all heard of the buddy cop film Ride Along starring Ice Cube as the no-nonsense detective and Kevin Hart as the cop wannabe who wants to marry his sister. Initially, the idea for Ride Along was announced sometime in 2005, and was supposed to star Rock and Ryan Reynolds. Naturally, Rock was supposed to play Ice Cube’s role, and Ryan was supposed to play Kevin’s.

However, the project didn’t come to fruition (at least not with Rock and Ryan at the helm). Almost 10 years later Ride Along was finally released in 2014 with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart in the starring roles. Rock himself would later star in a very similar film alongside Kevin Hart: Central Intelligence.

5. Rock Was Once Mistaken For A Crack Addict

He's high on life, not illegal substances. 'Southland Tales' [Credit: 	Samuel Goldwyn Films / Destination Films]
He's high on life, not illegal substances. 'Southland Tales' [Credit: Samuel Goldwyn Films / Destination Films]

In 2006 Rock starred in his first and only independent film to date: Southland Tales. In the movie, he plays Boxer Santaros, a schizophrenic actor who seemingly has ties to all kinds of political intrigue, as well as the apocalypse. During an interview, Rock admitted that while he was shooting a scene in Julia Roberts's neighborhood, an elderly woman witnessed him reenacting a schizophrenic episode. When the director cut the scene, Rock gave the woman a friendly wave, to which she replied, "Get out of here, you crackhead! Go get high somewhere else!"

So, y'all just learned that Rock was a savior who came in the form of an ass kicker accused of being a crackhead by an old lady, committed a cultural faux pas that cost him an epic movie role, was considered for Ice Cube's part in Ride Along, and once conversed with Doug Flutie for five seconds. There are lots of other uncommon factoids I know about Rock, but if I revealed them all this article would be about the length of War and Peace.

What little-known details do you know about Rock? Can you answer the trivia question below? Try your luck or let us all know what lesser known scoop you have on Rock in the comments section!


True or False? Like his grandfather before him, Rock was also bestowed the title of a High Chief.


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