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Help him fandom, you're his only hope! A terminally ill Star Wars fan's family is desperately campaigning for him to be able to see before its official release.

Chronicle Live
Chronicle Live

41-year-old John Baillie has been told that he will no longer receive treatment after battling stage four brain cancer for the past four years, as he only has weeks left to live. In a real-life Fanboys-inspired move, his sister Sarah is currently trying to arrange an early screening of Rogue One, as it is likely that John will pass away before the December 17th premiere.

John has been a massive Star Wars fan since childhood, and is the proud owner of a Star Wars memorabilia collection and multiple tattoos. Sarah says that he cried when he saw the latest Rogue One trailer, and that "the last thing he said before he went in for his first operation was 'I hope I remember the end of Star Wars after this'".

Three operations, chemotherapy and radiotherapy have left John half-paralyzed and barely able to speak. Sarah says that there may be someone trying to arrange a private screening for John in his city of Perth, Australia. She has been tweeting everyone from Disney to Kevin Smith, but the campaign has still not had much attention.

Social media campaigns like John's have helped two other terminally ill Star Wars fans to see early versions of both The Force Awakens and Rogue One. Daniel Fleetwood, who had terminal lung cancer, was granted a home screening of an unedited version of The Force Awakens. In August this year, illustrator Neil Hanvey passed away two days after watching an unfinished version of Rogue One. Both campaigns caught the attention of various Star Wars actors, including Mark Hamill, who helped to boost publicity and support.

Given the success of these two recent social media campaigns, it's highly likely that enough attention would bring John's quest to see his final wish come true. You can help by retweeting Sarah's plea to try to get the attention of Luke Skywalker himself!

Will you answer the call to help a fellow fan?

[Source: Chronicle Live]


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