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After tackling a s**t-scary haunted house and an INSANE insane asylum, where will FX's American Horror Story go next?

Show creators Brad Falchuck and typically won't give much away on this one, but a few clues have pointed toward a plotline dealing with the Salem Witch Trials, which would be thoroughly intriguing material for the deliciously messed-up series. Today, thanks to an interview from with E! Online, that rumor has been given a little more flesh.

The network spoke to McDermott for a few moments to ask whether or not he'll be in the show's third season, seeing how he's appeared as Ben Harmon/Johnny Morgan in the previous two. McDermott had no concrete answer to that question, but he did have something to add when asked about ' inclusion on American Horror Story.

When the reporter mentions that Bates is perfect for the show (which we can't argue with), McDermott responded that:

She really is. All the witches of Salem...there's plenty of them!

An odd statement, to be sure, but let's just focus on the fact that McDermott brings up "witches of Salem" with no prompting. Can we just assume that he just let the cat out of the bag? Or is he just talking jive? I'm thinking that, after Murphy's reveal that the season will be "more historical in nature", we're in for some interesting horror.

What do you guys think of the Salem Witch Trials setting for American Horror Story's season three? How awesome would Rabe, Lange and Bates be as a trio of havoc-wreaking witches? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.



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