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Mark Newton

I could never be famous. Being hounded by the paparazzi and having losers like me writing internet articles about the various 'relationships' I'm probably not even involved in? No thanks, not for me. Luckily, I'm ugly and talentless enough to not ever have to worry about becoming famous. Rob Pattinson doesn't have this luck, but it seems he's taking lessons from Dylan Penn.

Allegedly the couple have been 'dating' for a few weeks and now the daughter of Sean Penn has been schooling Rob on how to avoid the paparazzi. Sources state:

She understands him so well, having grown up with a famous family and she's been an expert in helping him decoy the paparazzi with a few tricks her old man taught her.

It seems many of Rob's friends are surprised he has even considered dating again. Another insider adds:

The surprising thing for Rob's friends, though, is that he's considering another relationship, having vowed to remain a bachelor for at least a year after splitting from Kristen. He says there's something about Dylan. She's sexy as hell, clever, discreet and completely charming. She's also surprisingly down-to-earth, considering she comes from Hollywood royalty.

With any luck Rob can put his new found paparazzi-avoiding skills to use and people can move onto the next thing to get obsessed about.


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