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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
Jancy Richardson

One of Showtime's hottest shows officially revealed the new trailer for Homeland Season 3. I have to warn, DO NOT read this if you have not seen Homeland Season 2. If you haven't even seen Homeland Season 1, then you must go out and watch it immediately. For real, the CIA will have strong words if you don't.

So, a quick recap: Carrie Mathison (), everyone's fave bipolar CIA agent, is denied the biggest 'I told you so' since the results came in at the Death Star paternity clinic, as the enormous, horrible, terrorism-infused crappiness of her life is too dreadful for her to crack a smile. She told everyone that Nicholas Brody () was up to no good, and nobody listened. America is Troy, and Carrie is Cassandra (although, unfortunately, we never get to see Claire Danes looking foxy in a toga). Homeland Season 3 begins in the aftermath of Brody's (literal) bombshell, and sees Carrie and Saul () trying to recover the tatters of their lives and careers.

The new trailer is not only awesome and exciting, but really is the true, distilled essence of Homeland. It features Carrie looking sad, Saul looking sad, Jessica () looking sad and Brody...well, Brody is busy fiddling with some wires and being as bald as a ginger .


Homeland Season 3 premieres on September 29 on Showtime. Yesss!



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