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Sophie Atkinson

2010's animated superhero spoof Megamind wasn't the hit I thought it would be: you guys, this film united , and swoony in one cast and yet it was only moderately well-received. Brad Pitt's voice even sounds good looking. Check it out 46 seconds into the following video (Brad Pitt plays the goody two-shoes hero, Metroman):


Anyways, not only was it hilarious and star-studded, it was also rather beautiful visually - as you might expect, coming from a team who had previously worked on Shrek.

Recently, the good folks at have released some of the early concept art for the film, revealing that Megamind was originally the less catchy MasterMind. Brad Pitt's MetroMan was once the more Germanic Uber Man and in these sketches is built like a young Arnie Schwarzenegger.

What do you think of the early concept art? Do you prefer some of the early sketches to the finished characters? Drop me a line below.


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