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Aside from last week's Man of Steel review, for which some of us smelt a rat, we've not heard much in the way of reviews from 's upcoming -starring Supes movie.

But today, we've got a look at another wave of intial reviews for the -produced movie, from various bloggers and members of the public, via Comic Book Movie. Take a look:

Short version: Looks amazing, action is awesome, Cavill and cast are excellent. Unlike any Superman film we've seen so far...

Long version: More of an origin story of Kal-El than Clark Kent - if that makes sense - from the opening scenes on Krypton to the arrival of General Zod and the threatened genocide of humanity, Man of Steel is about what it means to be human - how Kal-El finally accepts he is Clark Kent, and how human kind accept Superman as one of our own. It's a film about being an outsider - being different, and accepting yourself whether others do or not. It's a film about fathers and sons, and - with more than a few sly biblical references - it's a film about faith. Not necessarily religious faith, but faith in others. Faith in yourself. Negatives would be the lack of character development in anyone other than Kal/Clark - Martha Kent and Lois Lane both suffer from underwriting, and Lois Lane especially is denied the chance to develop beyond two strong scenes, becoming a damsel in distress/love interest by film's end. Not quite at the same level as Batman Begins, but gives a stronger platform for sequel development than Superman Returns did.

One dm I got for MOS stated that it made him weep it was that great. He wishes he could write about it and break this embargo.

MOS is awesome:) Best Summer movie yet.

I loved MOS. Completely disagree with people nit picking "not enough personality". It's different: Bigger action, tight, VERY focused story.

I haven't seen Man Of Steel yet, but from those that have (and are under embargo) I've heard it's abysmal. 4 or 5 said go in with way, way lowered expectation, and that they've removed all sense of character from the film.

"There's a reason why they told us not to tweet about the movie we just saw: IT'S TERRIBLE!!!

Also it definitely fails the Bechdel Test. Seriously can big budget movies create a decent role for a woman? It's getting pretty ridiculous.

Well, it doesn't hurt to lower our already stratospheric expectations!

What some of these reviews echo is what Fast & Furious 6 star recently divulged about a lack of strong female superhero support. But that doesn't put me off Snyder's Man of Steel. ' Lois was always going to be underwritten. This is Clark's story, following how he becomes Superman and Clark Kent. Clark and Lois will take center stage in the sequel.

Anyway, just because a handful of people disliked the movie, I'm not buying into this negativity, especially after having seen the latest Man of Steel trailer. It's way too early to get caught up with this noise. I'm still watching it...

Are you pumped for Snyder's Man of Steel?



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