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Now, the only thing to be distrusted more heavily than several test screening reviews, is only one test screening review. Here we are discussing exactly that fickle thing, the reason simply being that we’re craving for any tidbit on Steve McQueen’s drama 12 Years A Slave, which depicts the fate of free-born Solomon Northup (played by ) who gets forced into slavery in the 19th century.

How could we resist an early rave?

Some dude, appropriately calling himself 'dude', apparently saw the film and has mostly good, indeed very good things to say (via Fassinating Fasbender):

It was great, but it won't be for everyone.Fassbender was standout, and owned every scene be was in. Pitt only had two scenes, but role was key to the plot... and Ejiofor had a lot of big and emotional scenes. Fantastic. Probably head into the direction The Master did with awards or it could get totally snubbed all together. Very raw, emotional, violent/brutal and tough to watch at times. In a way it was kinda like McQueen's There Will Be Blood, I'm just unsure if the Oscars will go for a movie like this. Different than I was expecting... but definitely not a bad thing. A lot of the star roles are quite short.

Dude: Really would like to know what Spike Lee will think of the film. More N-words than Django, and Paul Dano even makes his own N-word song!

Dude: Also, film needs some editing done... and being a work print, the images weren't as clear and crisp as I would have hoped. But no complaining.

Question from Guany: Does Fassy get naked again? Dude: He fucks, but no peen!

First, let us remark that the high attention paid to, well let's call it, less important detail (‘he fucks, no peen’) make it reasonably probable that ‘dude’ has in fact seen 12 Years A Slave.

Secondly, what is descibed does sound great, including the fact that the film apparently is relentness in it's bleakness, which seems to suit the topic. The comparison to ’s The Master and There Will Be Blood make us especially giddy.

As far as the remarks that 12 Years A Slave is difficult, it should be noted that McQueen's great prior efforts - Hunger and Shame - weren't a piece of cake either, so this shouldn't be a surpise. If the film just a tad more accessible and teensy bit more epic in scope we could have a masterpiecei n our hands!


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