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Rick and Morty fans may have waited a damn long time for the show's third season to arrive, but there's no doubt it was worth the agonizing wait. From Pickle Rick to Jaguar to the courage to eat real food, Season 3, Episode 3 was filled with blood, gore and a whole lot of inspiration.

But amidst the John Wick-style rat carnage and therapy-speak, a few sneaky details may have slipped right under your radar — and no, I'm not talking about the significance of Rick wearing a seatbelt for probably the first time ever.

Did you notice any of these details on ?

Next Week's Episode Will Probably Have More Jerry

What's that? A visit to the Jerry daycare center again? You never know! In all seriousness, this week's episode was very much focused around Beth. Of course, it's obvious why Jerry wasn't around — he's living that sad, single dad life in his seedy bachelor pad downtown. But Redditor FreeNugs has a more thorough explanation.

In Season 3, Episode 2, Jerry reminded Morty that he'd still see him "every other weekend." Jerry wasn't around because it wasn't his weekend to have the kids. This typical shared custody schedule means that every second episode of Ricky and Morty Season 3 might just be a Jerry episode!

And don't forget: the Rick and Morty Season 3 trailer sure did have a lot of shots of Rick and Jerry having a whale of a time on a rollercoaster. Good to see they're finally bonding!

Pickle Science, Bitch!

As absurd as this show is, the attention to detail in every episode of Rick and Morty is pretty impressive.

At the end of the episode, the greedy Russian villain yells one thing before he's about to be blown up:

"Farewell, Solen'ya!"

What does solen'ya mean? Well, solen'ya (or soleniye) is an actual Russian word used to describe pickled produce — specifically, salted produce.

This is actually pretty relevant if you consider what Redditor AManNamedFloom suggests about Pickle Rick's cockroach brain control process. After Rick takes control of the Roach, he controls its body by pressing certain areas of its brain with his tongue. It's possible that he was able to trigger nerve impulses thanks to the sodium (salt) on his tongue.

That Post-Credits Scene Suggests We'll See Jaguar Again

Jaguar was the perfect addition to the latest cheesy-but-amazing episode of Rick and Morty; a clichéd action hero with a dark past and revenge on his mind. But is this the last we'll see of Jaguar? Probably not.

If you stuck around until after the credits (and you should!), then you saw the epic reappearance of Jaguar as he swept in to rescue Rick and Morty from the conniving Concerto. Good news, right? Well, maybe not.

When Rick and Jaguar are escaping in the chopper earlier in the episode, Rick casually mentions his "infinite daughters" in multiple dimensions. This piques Jaguar's interest, who asks if he, too, has "infinite daughters." Rick says no, even though this is a lie.

However, this lie might come back to bite him. If Rick and Morty were in another dimension when Jaguar rescued them from Concerto (and it certainly appears that they were), doesn't that mean that Jaguar has figured out how to access other dimensions? Jaguar will no doubt be pretty pissed that Rick lied to him about being able to find his daughter (or at least an alternate dimension version of her).

Of course, it's totally possible that that Jaguar was an alternate version who also belonged to Concerto's dimension where he'd also teamed up with Rick.

Oh, and in case you didn't realize — Susan Sarandon wasn't the only guest voice actor in the episode. Jaguar was voiced by none other than Danny Trejo:

Is Summer Pregnant?

There's no denying that teenage pregnancy runs in the Sanchez family. Beth had Summer when she was 17-years-old, and Morty fathered a Gazorpian back in Season 1. Could Summer be about to continue the tradition? Redditor edb21395 certainly thinks so. Let's look at the evidence.

In Season 3, Episode 2, Summer was shacked up with her new squeeze, Hemorrhage, in another dimension. It's possible that Summer got pregnant during their short relationship. And yes, pregnancy is possible in that dimension, despite the polluted, post-apocalyptic environment. Summer's neighbors announced their own pregnancy with an apt Thunderdome reference: "One man entered, one man comes out in nine months!" While Summer is likely using contraception, don't forget that no form of contraception is completely reliable.

In the latest episode, Beth is concerned that Summer is huffing enamel to get high at school. Is Summer really "someone that just likes getting high," or is she trying to take her mind off her unexpected pregnancy?

Interestingly, the synopsis for Rick and Morty Season 3 Episode 5 says Summer will have "body issues." This might be referring to her blowing up to the literal size of a house, as shown in the Season 3 trailer. Then again, it could be something a lot more permanent.

Do you think Summer is pregnant on Rick and Morty? Comment below!


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