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Although the final Easter Egg from the first has yet to be found, the newest teaser trailer for its successor is full of some amazing Easter Eggs. Before we take a closer look at them, feast your eyes upon the glorious trailer:

Now, after getting over our excitement, let's take a look at the eight greatest from the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 trailer.

1. The Abilisk

We've known for a little while that our favorite team of misfits have been hired to take care of a space creature known only as the Abilisk. In the opening moments of the trailer, we see the team facing off against the space octopus thingy. Based upon what we know about the circumstances surrounding this creature and the fact that the team we see fighting the monster is the original team from the first movie, it appears as if this epic fight sequence happens close to the beginning of the film. My guess would be this scene will take place as the opening sequence before the title card flashes. It'll be a battle to show us what the Guardians have been up to since defeating Ronan. It will also be a nice to see the original team before Nebula and Yondu join.

2. Baby Groot

is by far the greatest thing about the trailer. I have literally laughed out loud several times at our first glimpse this adorable little guy. Rocket Raccoon is attempting to make sure Groot understands the gravity of the situation. But Baby Groot steals our hearts when he adorably suggests pushing the button in his maniacal yet somehow still cute way. "I am Groot."

3. Song From The Awesome Mix Vol. 2

One of the things that made Guardians of the Galaxy the greatest Marvel movie of all time was the "Awesome Mix Vol. 1," a.k.a. the film's soundtrack. With songs taking us back to the '70s, the soundtrack holds a special place in my heart. After hearing "I Want You Back" and "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" on the second mix tape during the first movie, we learn that Sweet's "Fox on the Run" is also on the second volume of the mix tape. Similar to the original mix tape, "Fox on the Run" was also recorded in the same era.

4. A Throwback To 'Guardians of the Galaxy'


Looks an awful lot like this:

Sure, the roles have been reversed, but one of the most iconic images from the original film is nicely remade in the trailer. It's a cool way to pay homage to the film's predecessor and also gives fans a little wink as if saying, "Yeah, we know you liked this, so here it is again." Now that Groot is the small one he gets to sit on the shoulder, but Rocket is still the one shooting the guns, because of course. He freaking loves his guns).

5. Homage To 'Galaga'

In a awesome reference to the hit 80's arcade game Galaga, we see some ships chasing Star-Lord's fighter jet. We also see glimpses of this epic space battle later in the trailer when Rocket asks Star-Lord for some glue. Since Galaga was such a huge staple of the '80s, and Guardians of the Galaxy spends a lot of time referencing and utilizing pop culture from the '70s and '80s, it's fitting to see Galaga is paid homage to in such a beautiful way. Of course, this isn't the first time that Galaga has been referenced in the :

The biggest question us fans have is: Who exactly are the Guardians fighting? We know that they were hired to face the space monster and that they'll be rescuing Yondu from the Ravagers, yet these ships seem to advanced to be the Ravagers. It'll be interesting to see who the galactic heroes are up against.

6. Baby Groot Is Still Groot

Despite being in the most adorable form ever, Groot still seems to be Groot. Director confirmed a while ago that Groot will still have all of his memories from his previous life, so we shouldn't have been expecting Groot to change much. However, his personality does seem to be slightly different due to his size and his "growing up." If you're a fan of , it's kind of like he's a Time Lord who has regenerated. What hasn't changed, however, is how totally badass our favorite sentient tree is. Dressed in a tiny Ravager uniform, we see Baby Groot chase after a Ravager and take him down.

7. An Atomic Bomb

Since Baby Groot is still has the memories of Groot, Rocket and the rest of the Guardians entrust him with a dangerous and important mission: to plant an atomic bomb. Rocket has been able to get his hands on a lot of weapons and is known for his love of destruction, but an atomic bomb is a little bit overboard even for him. That means that what ever they are using it for is extremely important. It's also clear that Baby Groot's size makes him the only one capable of delivering the weapon to wherever it needs to go. What do the Guardians need to destroy so bad? And why are the spaceships trying to stop them? My best guess is that they're fighting Ego the Living Planet and are literally trying to blow him up. Despite Ego being Star Lord's dad, it is pretty likely that his villainous roots from the comics will still come into play in the movie.

8. Introduction of Mantis

Our very first introduction to the fan favorite character Mantis takes place in a post-credits-esque scene after the title card flashes across the screen. Mantis has the ability to tell what people feel through physical contact. When she touches Star-Lord (who is her half brother in the comics) she makes things awkward fast when she brings up his "sexual love" for Gamora. Unfortunately, it appears that their romantic relationship isn't going very well as Star-Lord tries to claim he doesn't like her in that way. Feeling proud that he understands a situation, Drax makes things uncomfortable for Peter Quill when he starts laughing at him and pointing out how embarrassing it must be to have his "darkest secret" revealed.

Read more about our bunch of a-holes:

There you have it, eight of the best moments and Easter Eggs I found while watching the trailer. If this phenomenal trailer is anything to go off of, the second installment to the franchise is going to be another huge hit.


What was your favorite moment from the trailer?


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