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Mark Newton

Director of the critically acclaimed Home Movie, , is making his horrific directorial return with Preservation. Joblo has just got their hands on the first image and from what we can see it looks like a bit of a cross between Wolf Creek and Deliverance. Check it all out below:

Why is she hiding? Well, let this synopsis explain:

In Preservation, Wit (Wrenn Schmidt), a brainy anesthesiologist, heads out on a hunting trip in a forest preserve with her husband Mike (Aaron Staton), a hedge fund manager, and his brother Sean (Pablo Schreiber), a former marine. But when the brothers are stalked and captured, Wit must unleash her own animal instincts or else end up a trophy.

Preservation is currently being primed by XYZ Films to be sold at the European Film Market in February. If all goes well, perhaps we'll see a theatrical or home release date soon.

What do you think? I know there's not much to go on, but how does Preservation sound to you?


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