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Tino Jochimsen

After created a cinematic Lincoln portrayal for the ages, another, more controversial figure of 19th century American politics will receive the biopic treatment.

Deadline reports that actor (Breaking Bad, Revolution) will direct in the role of abolitionist John Brown.

Brown gained notoriety by trying to overthrow the institution of slavery via inciting armed slave uprisings. His raid on Harper's Ferry is often cited as enfuriating Southerners and encouraging them to secede.

The biopic will be based on Evan Carton’s 2006 book Patriotic Treason: John Brown And The Soul of America.

It feels like ages since Harris had a plum role in a worthwhile film. While Esposito’s directing prowess is a bit of a question mark, watching his leading man sink his teeth into a fascinating character like Brown should be a treat, indeed.


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