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Just when you thought things couldn't get any better than whacking Justin Bieber in the jaw with a golf club, Ed Sheeran has revealed that he's slept with at least one member of Taylor Swift's stunning squad in a tipsy interview.

Sheeran opened up to the Rolling Stone and explained that his time on the road with Taylor Swift was riddled with serial romances, revealing he's ended up in bed with at least one of Tay Tay's famous pals:

"Taylor's world is celebrity. I was this 22-year-old awkward British kid going on tour with the biggest artist in America, who has all these famous mates. It was very easy. … I would often find myself in situations just kind of waking up and looking over and being like, 'How the fuck did that happen?'"

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Although Ed might have romanced some impossibly attractive women during this period of his life, one of the people he definitely didn't date is Taylor Swift herself. Despite the insistence of sources like TMZ, he explained:

"I found that aspect quite lazy journalism," he says. "There wasn't any truth to it whatsoever."

While it might come as a surprise that Ed has been so successful with the ladies, Katy Perry recently attributed Sheeran's appeal to his down-to-earth nature and approachability which stands out in a world of stoic hunks:

"Everybody loves him, no one's scared of him, they want to date him. They can have him."

Although there are many perks to a life in the spotlight, Sheeran was also open about the less glamorous side of fame, particularly that "people film on the sly — I get really fucking anxious."

One of the ways Ed deals with this anxiety is drinking (we've all heard the infamous James Blunt sword story), but he insists he is in a good place right now and just being, well, British:

"Often, I'm like, 'Is it bad that I drink almost every single day?' And then I look at my friends and most of them do the same. And they're actually worse than me. The first thing Americans say is, 'There's a problem, and you need to go to rehab.' But I don't wake up and drink. I don't depend on drink. I can go without it completely. I just enjoy going out and having fun, being 25. And I think that's a normal thing."

As a fellow Brit, I'm in full support as long as he's still having fun. Cheers, Ed!

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