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I've experienced my fair share of jaw-dropping series finales, but they pale in comparison to Gossip Girl's final episode. Not because of its intricacy, but because of how much it didn't make sense. During the show's closing moment, it was revealed that Dan Humphrey, Serena's on-and-off love interest, was actually Gossip Girl, the blogger who had made our protagonists' lives a living hell from the very beginning.

Pretty much every fan hated the twist, since it created several plot holes and inconsistencies in the story. To add insult to injury, the reveal had its significant creepy factor, because Dan and Serena () ended up marrying each other, despite all of the horrible things Humphrey had written about her in his blog.

Overall, people were very vocal about their dislike and confusion, to the point where the finale is a topic of discussion among the fandom to this day. Surprisingly, though, one of the show's cast members, Ed Westwick, seemed to have missed all the controversy from the revelation ... as well as the revelation itself.

The Gossip Girl cast and crew got together to participate in a 10-year anniversary retrospective for Vanity Fair. Westwick, who played the charmingly evil Chuck Bass, had an email conversation with the magazine. After being asked what his favorite moment from production or storyline was, the actor responded he still didn't know who Gossip Girl was:

"I still am not sure who GG was lol."

OK, it definitely sounds weird for one of the main cast members to not be aware of who the bane of everyone's existence in the show was — especially because he was in the room when that reveal happened.

However, in his defense, the reveal blindsided pretty much all of us. In fact, not even (the actor who played Humphrey) thinks the twist made that much sense, as he told People magazine:

"It doesn't make sense at all. It wouldn’t have made sense for anybody. 'Gossip Girl' doesn’t make sense! But no, it made enough sense. He was a writer."

Was Dan's Secret Identity That Confusing ... Or Do We Need To Look Into It More?

[Credit: The CW]
[Credit: The CW]

As weird as it may sound, there may be hope for all of us who are still scratching our heads at that reveal. During an interview with E! News, the series' co-creator insisted that Humphrey was planned as G.G. from the very beginning, and even said there was a scene cut from the pilot to avoid making the reveal obvious:

"We never really entertained any other ideas of who Gossip Girl was [...] In the pilot episode, the test audience thought that Dan was Gossip Girl. We actually had to re-edit one of our sequences. It's when he's on the computer looking at Gossip Girl, the way it was edited that he was typing as the voice was coming up, people thought that they were being told that he was Gossip Girl. So we actually had to re-edit that sequence."

She added that if people felt the twist didn't make sense and had their share of questions about it, they should rewatch the show to come up with a few theories:

"My hope is that people who are really curious about that can go back and rewatch the season and get their brains going."

Maybe that's a good tip for Ed Westwick. Seeing how he has a fresh mind regarding the matter, perhaps he'll be able to make sense of this whole thing.

What do you think about Westwick not remembering Gossip Girl's big twist? Let me know in the comments!

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